Angel Numbers in Ayurveda

In Vedanta, the philosophical arm of Ayurveda, Rishis (divine teachers) work to quantify consciousness. Defining consciousness may seem like an abstract concept to the outsider, but Vedic knowledge has given us the keys to do exactly that!

Enlightenment is ultimately the goal of any spiritual science including Ayurveda, but what is it exactly? Through the Vedic lens, enlightenment in any human has only two needed conditions:

  • They cease worrying. Fear cannot take a lasting hold on their psyche.
  • They experience conscious synchronicity. They’re able to use their consciousness to affect the flow of reality.

That’s it! Just two things to denote enlightenment. So, it doesn’t really matter if someone is a yogi, or if they are vegetarian or vegan; if they experience worries that keep them up at night and find themselves projecting their insecurities onto others and being controlled by outside forces, they have not reached a state of self-awareness that would constitute enlightenment.

“Angel Numbers” (111, 222, 333, etc) are a good example of the synchronistic phenomena one experiences when coming into their own light. Numbers in general point to the fractal nature of our holographic matrix; outlined as Brahma in the Vedas.

Recurring, repeating numbers point to an anomaly in the simulation, drawing our attention to a pattern or series of patterns designed to help our journey towards becoming self-realized.

Pay attention to these patterns and synchronicities in your life to begin taking a more active roll in deciding your karma and fulfilling your dharma. 

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