Astral Projection in Ayurveda

What does Ayurveda have to say about Astral Projection? The main preoccupation of Ayurveda is to balance and heal the elements of the physical body. Once this has been achieved and the “patient’s” physical body is full of life’s vital energy though, Ayurveda seeks to engage the growth and evolution of the astral and spiritual bodies of that person. 

A fully adept yogic practitioner is encouraged to pursue their spiritual evolution to foster Siddhis; “super-human” abilities not normally accessible to most human beings, although some unlock these abilities without knowledge or practice during their current lifetime. To a master yogi, Siddhis are not uncommon or esoteric, but merely a scientific result of conscious action and thought along a certain path. Astral projection is one of these abilities.

Every night, most humans astral project, allowing their body to reconnect to spiritual aspects of themselves through a “silver cord” of consciousness referred to as Sutratma in Sanskrit, that is anchored in the heart centre and winds along the spinal cord up through the head to the dimensions above. This thread of glimmering light is present in all humans, although many are unaware of it, just as they unaware of their nightly astral travel. For the sake of this post, astral projection is the conscious endeavour of having an out-of-body experience while in a wakeful state. 

In Ayurveda, the human body has five states of matter and energy referred to as Koshas or “sheaths”; one fitting inside the next from the densest physical to the highest spiritual. Astral projection occurs through the 4th Kosha or “dimension” of human perception, which is a transitory state between the physical and spiritual. Just like the human body has an energetic blueprint that maps & affects the physical, so does the rest of the universe, these are referred to in Sanskrit texts as the astral/causal realms. Astral projection grants you access to the energetic blueprint of anywhere in the physical world, as well as beyond.

The quality of an astral journey is entirely dependant on the health and vitality of the traveller, if the traveller is unhealthy, the journey can reach infernal realms of hellish proportion, mirroring the traveller’s inner entropy and conflict. On the contrary, if Ayurvedic tenets are followed properly and the traveller is healthy and vibrant before consciously seeking out-of-body experiences, they can visit amazing dimensions full of enlightened entities concerned only with welcoming and helping the traveller. Astral projection can be a daunting experience and it is recommended you not try achieving it in a wakeful state unless you are of sound body and mind. 

For those interested in exercising this ancient birthright, the ancient yogic text, the Mahabarata, explains that the simple act meditating on the Om mantra, breathing deeply, while focusing on the Ajna and Sahasrara chakras, can initiate a conscious out of body experience. 

Astral projection sincerely helps the traveller’s emotional and mental wellbeing by reinforcing the truth that we are spiritual beings, having humans experiences.

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