Is Ayurveda a Religion?

If Ayurveda were a religion, Mother Nature would be its temple. The Ayurvedic view of dis-ease has very little in common with Western medicine. Ayurveda and yoga are all about relationships and cycles in nature and within our bodies. Allopathy cares only about the relationship between economies and synthetic prescriptions. 

Ancient Ayurvedic texts indicate that practitioners were fully aware of pathogens, even if they were unable to see the microscopic lifeforms. But while Ayurveda has always recognized the role played by pathogens in dis-ease, it maintains that these organisms cannot cause illness by themselves.

The human body and the environment that surrounds it both contain huge numbers of micro-organisms, which mainstream medicine considers to be the cause of illness. 

If this were the case, however, everybody would be likely to react in the same fashion to exposure to these pathogens (which they don’t). Whereas modern medicine focuses on diagnosing on the symptoms of each individual illness after these have become apparent, Ayurveda has always recognized that certain imbalances are identifiable long before they progress into clearly identifiable clinical symptoms.

According to Ayurveda the first stage in disease formation is a weak digestive fire (Agni ), which leads to an accumulation of waste (Ama) in one or other of the body’s systems. This leads to an imbalance in the doshas which will generally create symptoms. If these are ignored or suppressed, the Ama will migrate to an area of the body where immunity is low, with the inevitable result that the efficiency of the affected system will be greatly reduced and the environment will become favourable to pathogenic infection. 

Enter Ayurveda with an arsenal of power-packed, disease-fighting, plant-based gifts directly from the Earth’s womb!

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