Rediscovering ancient remedies for holistic healing to bring our bodies back into a state of balance and ease.

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Hi, I’m Pani. I’m a scholar, an herbalist, a healer. Holistically Her is a reflection of my essence and being. It’s a sacred space; a collection of my experiences; an opportunity to share my knowledge about holistic healing with those who seek it.

I also have a master’s degree in environmental science. Because I’ve been an academic for most of my life, the thirst for truth and knowledge is second-nature for me. Holistically Her is a space to fuse this desire with my truest passions: for holistic health, spirituality, and deeper connections with the self and others.


My path to holistic healing started when I was diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune disease over five years ago. I was diagnosed with psoriasis – a chronic skin condition that speeds up the generation of cell growth. It causes cells to build up rapidly on the surface of the skin, resulting in itchy, and often painful rashes. For a while, the symptoms were minimal and I only had patches on my elbows. My doctor prescribed topical ointments to help alleviate the itch, but it wasn’t long until the patches started to grow all over my body. Embarrassed and desperate for a cure, I sought more medical help. Unsurprisingly, I was prescribed harsher, more invasive drugs and steroids to help alleviate my symptoms: band-aid solutions that only silenced my body’s cries for help.

I didn’t know it at the time, but this disease was one of my greatest wake-up calls. It woke me from a daydream, one where I was numb to the intricate interconnections between my thoughts, emotions and physicality. I was treating my symptoms in isolation and searching for surface-level remedies. Because I was deeply imbalanced, I needed to harmonize the triad of my mind, body and soul. The solution was to treat the root causes – naturally and holistically. Little did I know that I’d be healing much more than my auto-immune disease by incorporating holistic health into my lifestyle. Once over-medicated, over-caffeinated and over-stressed to, well, truly and holistically me

My purpose is to reveal and share ancient secrets of holism from across the world, as well as my own findings and discoveries, and make them accessible to every woman. We all have the innate ability to heal and move forward with strength and power. My hope is that Holistically Her also becomes a nurturing and empowering space for your inner and outer healing. 

from my heart to yours, pani

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