Modern Day Technology Described in Ancient Vedic Text (1500 BC)

Vimanas are ancient flying crafts described in the Vedas; a series of ancient Indian texts. Many chapters of the Vedas are about vimanas, including one dedicated to the operation and maintenance of the craft, right down to how to avoid birds and other flying craft. Among the chapters, amazing (and very familiar) technology is described in detail, among such:

  1. Vishwa Kriyaa Darpana: This device is used to obtain high-resolution real-time imagery of all activities around the Vimana, while in flight, and projected onto some screen. These lens are placed in a special arrangement with crystals, special mirrors and through a combination of solar, electric and mercury power are projected through some mechanism.
  2. Shaktyakarshana Darpana: This device is used as a protection to neutralize harmful radiation in certain atmospheric zones. It is made up of six crystals positioned in a special arrangement that attract harmful radiation and then gradually convert it to heat before it dissipates into the atmosphere.
  3. Vyroopya Darpana: This is a tactical device used to project battlefield holographic images to confuse the enemy or to change the appearance of the Vimanas with a special deflecting mirror.
  4. Guha Garbha Darpana: This is a weapon device and used to harness the energy from the sun, winds, and ether and to redirect it to incapacitate the enemy via a special redirecting mirror; essentially a directed energy weapon.
  5. Rowdree Darpana: This is also some kind of directed energy weapon device. It combined “Rodwdree beams”(?) with solar rays and produces a high heat intensity ray that can melt anything it is directed on.

So much is left unknown about our ancestors, but glimpses into the high-technology available in our past through texts like the Vedas leaves room for deep introspection. Do you think we’ve had advanced technology in the distant past?

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