Simple Meditation Techniques for a More Fulfilling Life

Who knew sitting and doing “no-thing” could be so difficult? Well, like anything else, meditation becomes easier with practice. 

For some, slipping into meditation will happen in a few short seconds, while others will struggle for 15+ minutes to no avail.

The seemingly endless parade of thought banter and mind chatter only ceases to flow when we have reached a totally relaxed state. To more easily achieve this harmony, many ancient meditation techniques like Vipassana (not a religion) suggest beginning by concentrating on the breath – consciously moving into a fluid pranayama, deep and constant, sends huge amounts of data to our body’s cells, letting them know we’re safe and we can relax. 

Concentrating on feeling the breath rhythmically enter and exit our body is a sure-fire way to reconnect the mind to our matter, actively changing our DNA and eliminating inflammation markers within our cells as we do so. 

Meditation is for everyone, every walk of life can benefit from the practice of meditative journeying. So, next time the world gets frantic, know that through your own breath, you can go inwards and calm the storm at will.

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