Sound Meditations for the Soul

Primordial Sound Meditation is a meditative state I enjoy frequently. Sound has been employed by every civilization on our planet for the purposes of transcendence and healing. Repeating sounds like “ah”, “ha”, “eee”, “oh”, “ooo”, “mmm”, are called mantras in Ayurveda. Mantras are used to cause a phenomena called “entrainment” – most easily observed scientifically in the case of pianos self-tuning themselves when in the same room as other pianos being tuned, or starting a number of old school pendulum clocks in the same room at different times on purpose, to watch them “entrain” to the same rhythm over a few hours, adjusting their rhythm in order to “tick” in unison.

Did you know every one of your organs has its own distinct sound, and that scientists have equipment that can now listen in on your adrenal glands, kidneys or stomach lining down to the nanohertz, to find out if the organ is healthy or not? Everything vibrates, and we have our own unique vibration that can be thrown off kilter by our daily stresses. 

Spend 10 minutes a day humming and you will be treating yourself splendidly! Did you know just the sound of laughing, “Ha!”, reverberates off of your stomach and causes you to produce powerful neuropeptides that act as anti-depressants?

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