Spiritual Symbology of the Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is commonly used in Eastern philosophies & methodologies to represent symbolically, the spiritual growth cycle of humanity. The lotus bulb must take root in the dark muck, struggle through the murky depths, and emerge on the surface as a fully realized being.

Although blossoming in beauty is the end-goal of this cycle, it is worth noting that each stage is interdependent and successive; each stage is inextricably connected and each one could not be, without the others. The lotus must return to the darkness to continue progressing along this cycle.

The lotus is representative of the human chakra system, as it is the human energetic system that is truly the totality of the human experience & evolution, and physicality is only a small, temporary state of consciousness that is necessary in the context of the lotus’ growth OUT OF the darkness of Maya (or illusion).

Meditate on the symbolic nature of the lotus to gain insight into human spiritual ascension and your place in it as an individual. 

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