Unseen Entities and How They Can Affect Our Lives

Entities. Masquerading as broken versions of ourselves, hiding in the cracks of our Nadis (psyche/neurons), those caused by trauma and repression/neglect. If allowed to remain wedged into these disharmonic points, the entities begin to fester and grow into dominion.

During meditation you can sometimes sense them around, maybe some of you have even seen shapes or faces out of the corner of your eyes lately, only to look and see nothing with your physical eyes.

These “creatures” are usually astral in nature, so they cannot occupy corporeal space. Instead, they are energetic parasites, seeking out hosts on the physical plane to stow away on.

Regular cleansing, exercise, and mindful awareness of the unseen energetic phenomena occurring around us at all times, lends us the ability to counter these creatures quite easily. Often the best form of cleansing and countering is to willfully project verbal and mental commands into our physical surroundings, sending pure love while demanding these entities vacate our space if they are not for our highest good.

Have you had experiences with unseen entities?

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