Everything You’ve Wanted to Know about Yoni Steaming: Q+A with Lauren Purnell


I’m so excited for today’s guest. She’s a powerhouse: a certified holistic health coach, yoni steaming expert, published author, wellness business owner, reiki practitioner, meditation specialist, and so much more. It’s an absolute pleasure welcoming Lauren Purnell to the blog today. Welcome, goddess!

There’s so much to learn from Lauren, but for this interview we’ve narrowed it down to one of her many passions and fastest growing holistic treatment: yoni steaming (also known as vaginal steaming). Yoni steaming is an ancient practice of using herbal steams to naturally cleanse and heal reproductive and energetic issues by increasing circulation, energy and blood flow to the womb.

In this interview, Lauren sits down with us to give her expert advice on everything you’ve ever wanted to know about yoni steaming, clears up common misconceptions from critics about its safety and effectiveness, and explains how steaming is a powerful and multi-dimensional tool for healing generational disease and trauma.

If you’ve ever been curious about yoni steaming and its benefits, this interview is for you.

Vaginal steaming is a form of medicine practiced around the world... The medicinal steam brings circulation, energy, and blood flow to your womb and it gently opens the cervix and creates space for healing to take place.


Could you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a visionary first and foremost. I create the world I wish to live in. After many years of going inward and healing myself, I’m able to guide others in healing themselves. My life has never been “normal”. I stopped trying to get it to look like anyone else’s and surrendered to my gifts and purpose in this life. I began to truly live an authentic, fulfilling, magical, and miraculous experience filled with love and support. I’m just getting started!

I know you’re passionate about (and an expert in) many things. But let’s narrow it down to one of them: yoni steaming. What is yoni / vaginal steaming and how does it work? 

Vaginal steaming is the ancient healing practice of sitting over a pot of steam and herbs to heal reproductive and energetic issues. Vaginal steaming is the fastest growing alternative treatment, but it’s hard for me to call it an “alternative” treatment because it’s been around longer than gynecology. 

Vaginal steaming is a form of medicine practiced around the world. The tissues of the vagina are exceptionally porous and absorbent and the warmth of the steam works to soften and open them. When the herbs are placed in the hot water, their medicinal properties – including volatile oils – are released and carried to the surface of your skin and to the inside of the vagina, where they are absorbed into the bloodstream and into the uterus. The medicinal steam brings circulation, energy, and blood flow to your womb and it gently opens the cervix and creates space for the healing to take place.

Who needs yoni steaming? Is it for everyone?

Many women come to me with a specific health goal. Some want shorter periods, others want to melt fibroids, or detox from their past relationship, but you don’t need a specific reason to steam. Yoni steaming is a healthy, easy, gentle self-care practice for anyone with a vagina

I know some practitioners that involve their daughters as young as 4 years old. I plan on teaching my children about steaming whenever they join me in this lifetime. The benefits of steaming are so vast that it can be used to treat a serious medical condition or simply be a tool for teaching healthy routines to children.

What are some of the benefits of yoni steaming? 

The herbal steam increases circulation, thins mucus, and cleanses the entire reproductive system, allowing it to shed unnecessary membranes and build-up of old brown blood, tissue, tampon particles, mucous, chemical / toxin build up, infection, suppressed emotion and trauma etc. Here are some other benefits of a vaginal steam:

  • Clearing out stagnant energy and releasing energetic ties you may be holding onto after a recent breakup.
  • Healing irregular periods.
  • Helps with trying to conceive.
  • Treating skin issues.
  • Increasing confidence and uncovering your purpose.
  • Clearing sexual trauma.
  • Deepening the connection with yourself.
  • Treating hot flashes.
  • Treating yeast infections.
  • Healing womb trauma.
  • Cleansing fibroids.
  • Cellular support.
  • Bladder support.
  • Pain relief.
  • Treating UTIs.
  • Hormonal support.
  • Hemorrhoid relief.
  • Miscarriage support.
  • Menopausal support.
  • Weight management.
  • Natural detox.
  • Stronger and more frequent orgasms.
  • Healthy ovary support.
  • Inflammation and bloating.
  • Toning and strengthening uterine muscles.
  • & much more!


The potential we have to create and heal is limitless. My dream is for everyone to at least know this and educate themselves. To take responsibility for their health, wellbeing, and happiness and have the courage to lead a life that is meant for them.

 What put you on the path of yoni steaming?

I’ve always been into healing and pampering. If there was a spa involved, I was there! My path as a healer started with myself. I had two herniated disks, adult acne, was overweight, faking self-confidence, unfulfilled, and looking everywhere but inside myself for happiness. 

During my own healing, I became a certified holistic health coach via IIN and was exposed to multiple diets, lifestyles and healing modalities. Once the world of wellness was opened to me and I saw the power it embodied, I was hooked. 

I love to learn and experiment. I went inward to deal with my own imbalances and began to understand that at the root of everything is energy. I had to address the energetic imbalances in my life, my perceptions, beliefs, and judgments that created my physical ailments, and set boundaries for the circumstances I wanted in my life. Everything I do now has built from healing myself and being open to the unseen. The potential we have to create and heal is limitless. My dream is for everyone to at least KNOW this and educate themselves. To take responsibility for their health, wellbeing, and happiness and have the courage to lead a life that is meant for them.

What called you to steaming? 

I learned about steaming from a divine goddess named Sabrina (Sacred Lotus Yoni Steaming) while working a craft fair in Brooklyn, NYC, 3 years ago. It was the last place I thought I’d learn about an ancient healing modality, but that’s the magic at work! 

I spoke with Sabrina because she was selling herbs to steam at home. She spoke to my soul. We both understood that we all have the power to set boundaries with our bodies and use dis-ease and ailments to direct us to energetic imbalance and stagnation

My sister was diagnosed with PCOS and there is “no cure” (in Western medicine). Sabrina spoke about different diagnosis and how gynecology doesn’t have answers for them, but steaming and using herbs to heal DOES! I bought the herbs for my sister and myself and I began steaming at home. This was just the beginning. I wanted to share this healing with every woman I knew but it was very foreign to most. 

I continued to steam myself, continued to do some research, and found the Steamy Chick community. There, I got my certification to facilitate steams for other women based on their specific imbalances and began to offer in-home sessions. I started working with clients in January 2019, and in August 2019 I began working from an office in Mamaroneck, NY, where clients came to me. 

Then, as miracles would have it in October 2019, I opened a brick-and-mortar in Queens, NY. Bella Luna Wellness is a place where clients come for vagina / lingam steaming, facials, waxing, reiki, health coaching, meditation, and workshops. Soon to add massage and cupping services, too!

Steaming is only the foundation or starting point for healing. As the herbs and water work their magic, many miracles take place inside the mind, body and soul.


We’d love to know more about your steaming sessions at Bella Luna. Could you run us through the procedure of a steaming session, especially what it feels like to do one?

I have a pretty solid routine for each of my sessions, but no client’s experience is ever the same. Even if they are part of a group steam. It’s been exceptionally magical to witness. As a healer, I learned early on that it isn’t what I think is best for you, it’s what your body and higher self KNOW what is best and you will receive exactly what you need at the moment. Steam sessions are extremely gentle and feel like a warm soothing sauna.

A session is all about you. We start with an electronic intake that is completed prior to your appointment so that I can properly blend the herbs that have the healing properties best for you. You also get suggestions on how to prepare for your steam in order to get the most out of your session. When we meet in person we review your intake and talk about any other concerns or goals you have for the session. I also explain in depth how steaming works and teach you about the ancient wisdom, power, consciousness, and medicine in the water and herbs. 

Then, it’s time to steam. I usually leave the room unless a client requests that I stay. I also ask clients to add their own herbal blend to the water. I like to do this so they can use the action to come into the experience fully, be present, and set an intention for their session. The length of time you steam depends on the information in your intake as well. Each client chooses their music and drink preference prior to the appointment, and there are candles and dim light while they steam. Most women sit and meditate during their steam but journaling is an option as well. For one of my group steams, they asked me to lead them in a beautiful guided meditation. I channeled a meditation and it was powerful! I’ve also had a client practice Buddhist chanting while steaming. It’s completely your time, but I encourage everyone to stay off their cell phones during their time with me. 

Once the time is up, I gently let them know, they dress and we discuss anything that came up during the session. After the steam I send each client a ‘healing profile’ that outlines the herbs I used for them and the benefits of each, more information about how to recognize imbalances and how to balance them with food, affirmations, and crystals. 

Also included are tips for aftercare and any other resources a client has asked for during the intake. That may include information about a store or a contact for a therapist, how to smudge your space, or a recipe that I feel would be helpful. Depending on your package, there’s also a card reading, reiki cord cutting, and some clients pick out a bracelet made of crystals, designed specifically for Bella Luna Wellness to support healing, release, confidence, and self-love.

I strongly encourage all clients to reach out to me with any questions or when something comes up for them in the days and weeks following a session. Steaming is only the foundation or starting point for healing. As the herbs and water work their magic, many miracles take place inside the mind, body and soul.

Yoni steaming is becoming increasingly popular and with it, has received some scrutiny from critics. So, as a holistic health expert, we need your educated opinion. Is vaginal steaming safe? 

With any alternative treatment being practiced in the West, there is scrutiny, ESPECIALLY as it’s gained popularity. I always look at that as a stamp of approval. When Western doctors are threatened by the effectiveness of an alternative treatment, an effort to discredit the treatment is never far behind. We’ve already seen that with vaginal steaming and it excites me!

Vaginal steaming is the safest way to address any reproductive issues, in my educated opinion. I always tell clients “all you have to do is sit here and receive.” The water and herbs know exactly what to do. Your body is being given medicine in a very effective gentle way and it will use it. 

One of the “issues” is that it can burn. The steam is never supposed to be hot enough to burn you. Millions of facials are done every day with steam and it’s proven to be an effective, powerful tool and the temperature of the steam is regulated. The same thing happens with vaginal steams. 

As a certified practitioner, I make sure the steam isn’t going to burn my client and inform then that it should never be uncomfortable. Also as a client, no one should ever have to “endure” a treatment. I’ve also heard critics say “the vagina is a self-cleansing organ it doesn’t need steamed.” Well, it is self cleansing but it is not self-healing. Vaginal steaming is a tool for healing on all levels.

Since vaginal steaming is a tool for healing on all levels, is it something you’d also recommend to women who are struggling with suppressed emotions, sexual trauma and infertility?

Absolutely! I became interested in steaming because of the physical benefits but as things go, energy is everything and I feel more in love and awe with this practice because of the way it heals and balances energetic issues. Once the energy has shifted your physical body is easily balanced. 

I believe steaming is a beautifully supportive tool for healing sexual trauma, infertility and suppressed emotion. I work closely with a therapist who sends clients to see me when she feels they have bumped up against emotional blocks or need to heal sexual trauma. Interestingly enough, almost every client who has come to me had a history of sexual trauma. 

I also ask on the intake if their mothers or grandmothers have experienced sexual trauma to their knowledge and I teach them about trauma being passed from generation to generation through DNA. In healing ourselves we are healing our entire family. Past, present, and future.

I could go on about this question for an hour. I’m currently working on publishing about the correlation between what we currently call genetics and the memory and energy our DNA carries which passes disease and trauma from generation to generation. I want to argue that energy work is imperative for healthier lives and is a major shortcut for healing disease and ailments that we currently credit to genetics. 

Steaming both heals the physical and energetic body. It specifically strengthens and balances the root chakra which is the foundation of our identity, root of security, and stability. In healing ourselves we are healing our entire family. Past, present, and future.


Do you do vaginal steaming yourself? What are some of your favorite steaming herbs?

I absolutely use steaming myself. It all started with my own personal practice. I’m able to offer an exceptional service because I build the session from the POV of a client. I believe in the benefits of steaming and I have personally experienced them, which is why I chose to offer the service to other women. 

My favorite herbs / flowers to steam with are: Roses, Chamomile, Chrysanthemum, Lavender, Sage, Yarrow, Milk Thistle, Red Raspberry, Eucalyptus, Skullcap Leaf, and Passion Flower. Haha! I know it’s a hefty blend but when you know the benefits and are extra like myself you always make it count!

Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us, Lauren! You’re amazing. Where can our readers go to learn more about you and the abundance of services you offer?

You can learn more about me and the services I offer, join my mailing list and book a session on the site: www.inspe.co.

My spa and steaming services are just a couple things I do. I have an abundance of magic and fabulosity to offer. If you’re on Instagram it’s an easy way to stay in touch, learn about my adventures, and connect to my current projects: @LimitlessLauren

Instagram: LimitlessLauren
Website: Inspe.co
YouTube: Lauren Purnell
Meditation Mixtape: Love, WokeBae
Podcast: Soundcloud or Apple
Book: Preserve Your Sexy, Naturally: Self-Care for the Culture Vol. 1 

Thank you so much for your time, wisdom and friendship, Lauren! I’m so grateful for you and all the valuable knowledge you’ve shared with our readers. Honored to be a part of your journey and growth in this space.

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